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UNMET Arizona, Fall 2020

UNMET Arizona Fall 2020 is a virtual conference aimed at helping early-stage companies located under-served regions across North America raise Seed and Series A Capital. The conference is designed to meet the unmet need for venture capital investments in early-stage companies.

UNMET Arizona Fall 2020, co-hosted by Arizona Commerce Authority and Stout Street Capital, is set to attract more than 100 of the fastest-growing Seed and Series A startups from Middle-America. Presenting companies will have an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to more than 150 institutional VC investors from around the world and provide a chance to network with peers.

The UNMET Arizona Fall 2020 virtual conference will be hosted on a video pitch platform. This platform enables investors and founders to meet inside of public or privately hosted networks for one-on-one meetings. Using a mobile platform, founders can create short-form video pitches that are like Instagram Stories to give a brief pitch of their company.

Dates: October 12th – 25th

Powered By:

Stout Street Capital

Schedule UNMET Arizona, Fall 2020

October 2020


09/14 | Company Application Deadline

09/25 | Company Acceptance Letter

10/05 | Investor Registration Deadline

10/05 | Investors Start Receiving Invites to Join Platform to View Pitches and Set Up Meetings

10/25 | Conference Closes

How It Works:

For Investors

UNMET Arizona Fall 2020 will be held over a 2-week period from Oct 12th to Oct 25th. Investors will be provided all pitch materials and Thumbraise platform access a week before the official start date of the conference. This is to allow investor a chance to review company materials ahead of time and schedule one-on-one meetings using the Thumbraise platform.

For Founders

Companies start the application process through a web-based application, which includes company profile and investment metrics. Once this is completed, you will receive an invitation to submit a short video elevator pitch on Thumbraise-UNMET Arizona Fall 2020 network. Once the video pitch is submitted into the network, you have successfully completed your application. The UNMET team will review your application. If the application is accepted, you will receive an acceptance email before September 25th.

UNMET Live Kickoff Panel

Topic: COVID-19 Accelerating Capital Flows Inland

October 14th, 2020 9:00AM (MST)

Join Arizona Commerce Authority as we kick off UNMET Arizona, Fall 2020 with a live panel of entrepreneurs and investors. Hear the panel discuss how even before COVID-19 shocked the markets, investment dollars had begun to shift and drive greater distribution of the capital that has long been concentrated on the coasts. Join the discussion of how a growing wave of venture capitalists are fleeing costly coastal hubs, potentially creating a rapid catalyzation of a new constellation of startup ecosystems across the U.S. in the wake of COVID-19.

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