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UNMET Arizona 2021

UNMET conferences meet the capital-raising needs of early-stage companies throughout the country, not just on the coasts.

In October 2021, UNMET Arizona 2021 took place and was co-hosted by Arizona Commerce Authority and Stout Street Capital. The event showcased 60 of the fastest-growing Seed and Series-A startups in Arizona and around the country. Presenting companies had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to more than 100 institutional Venture Capital investors from around the world – and network with peers.

The conference was hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of the AZ Startup Week. At UNMET Arizona, founders and investors received a personalized schedule with 6-8 one-on-one meetings.

Dates: October 7 – 8, 2021

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Schedule UNMET Arizona 2021

October 7

(Phoenix, AZ)

17:30 – 19:30 | Co-Hosted Networking Reception with Venture Madness at UA Virginia G. Piper Lawn

19:30 ~ | Networking Dinner at AC Hotel Phoenix Downtown

October 8

850 PBC (Phoenix, AZ) 8:00AM-4:00PM

7:45 – 8:15AM Check in & Breakfast

8:15-8:45AM Panel Arizona Startup Landscape

9:00AM – 4:00PM

Angel track- 5-Minute Pitch (see schedule)

1-1 Meetings & Breakout Sessions


1-1 Meetings & Breakout Sessions

*Last Updated: Oct 4th

How It Works:

For Founders

UNMET Arizona 2021 will be held on October 8th at 850 PBC (Phoenix, AZ)

As a founder,

1. Submit a quick application.

2. Accepted companies will receive an email with conference details on August 30th.

3. Individualized meeting schedules and the on-stage 1-minute pitch order will be sent prior to the event.

4. Event day (Oct. 8th): Breakfast, Panel and followed by one-on-one meetings & 5 minutes angel track pitching.

For Investors

UNMET Arizona 2021 will be held over 2 days (October 7-8) in Phoenix, Arizona

As an investor,

1. Register below.

2. Registered investors will receive a survey starting on Sep. 2nd asking them to select 8-10 companies they have the most interest in talking to.

3. Investors will receive a customized one-on-one meeting schedule before event day.

4. Attend pre-event networking reception and dinner (Oct. 7th) which provides a casual environment for organic connections among investors and founders. Dinner and reception are co-hosted with Venture Madness.

5. Event day (Oct. 8th): Kicks off with on-stage 1-minute pitches followed by one-on-one networking.

Partner Funds (AZ 2021)


Spending 24 hours and meeting this many founders and investors in Middle America is fascinating.

Kathleen Craig, HTMA

“If you are a company or an investor and you want to meet 15-20 potential partners, why not do it in 24-48 hours period through UNMET as opposed to over weeks and getting on planes.”

Brian Zimbelman, Crawley Ventures

Meeting 12-15 companies within our thesis and co-investors in 24 hours is highly efficient.


“There are tremendous opportunities at UNMET with all the companies here as companies are growing and looking to be connected with people. Great way to get our names out there and assist companies through that transition.

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