Mailgun: API-Based Email Delivery Service

Mailgun is the leading API-based email delivery service to send, receive, and track email. Since Mailgun started in 2010, it has delivered innovative technologies to the email space for the benefit of technically progressive companies around the globe. Mailgun serves more than 160,000 customers worldwide with email teams at companies like Github, Lyft, Reddit, and Shopify sending billions of emails every month with them.

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Email Mailgun by clicking the link on the left. Mention UNMET Conferences in the email to claim the offer.

Services offered:

  • Burst Sending SLA
    • Send 1,500,000 messages an hour for maximum impact, backed by an industry-leading service level agreement.
  • Deliverability Services
    • Deliverability consulting with a dedicated technical account manager to help build a strong relationship with ISPs.
  • Inbox Placement
    • Preserve your client’s brand reputation by ensuring emails land in the inbox, not the spam folder.
  • Advanced Email Analytics
    • Track engagement metrics like open and clicks, use machine learning to determine the best time to send your emails, and dig into performance by device, location, and mailbox provider.
  • Email Validation
    • Customers who validate email addresses with Mailgun before they send have a 21% lower bounce rate, dramatically improving their inbox placement.

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