Most Common Questions – Virtual Conference:

How does virtual conference work?

UNMET Conferences has partnered a mobile matchmaking platform that helps investors and founders to network remotely. This platform enables investors and founders to meet inside of public or privately hosted networks. Using a mobile platform, founders can create short-form video pitches that are like Instagram Stories to give a brief pitch of their company.

What is a Network? Who is Eligible to Join?

Networks are groups of investors organized around angel groups, venture funds, events, accelerators, entrepreneurship support organizations. Pitch view access to networks can be public or private, and followers can be restricted to open, approval required, or invite-only.

The UNMET Network is an invite-only private network for accepted presenting companies and pre-registered investors. Only those individuals will receive invitations to join the conference platform.

Is there a plenary session? Does all the meetings have to occur on the same day(s)?

This is unlike a typical virtual conference. The virtual conference does not have a plenary session nor do the one-on-one meetings have to happen on a particular day. The meetings are set up based on investors outreach to companies via the platform. Investors have until conference end date to access companies pitch materials and make that initial outreach to founders on the platform.


Few tricks when viewing pitches on mobile device:
  • To skip to the next section: Tap right side of the screen.
  • To go back to the previous section: Tap left side of the screen.
  • Skip to the next company: Swipe left
  • Go back to the previous company: Swipe right
  • Hide menu bar to get a full view of the pitch: Long press and hold the screen.
  • To pause a pitch: Tap once on the screen

Accepted presenting companies are pre-registered into a private UNMET Network. Ensure that you use the same email address that you used for company application.

Founders are unable to reach out to investors on the Thumbraise platform. However, investors can make direct contact if interested via email through the platform.

Founders are able to reach out to other founders on the platform to foster greater collaboration and peer-to-peer networking.

Tap the “Connect” icon when you are watching a company’s pitch on the bottom right. This will open your email app so you can reach out to that company.

Yes, we recommend saving your videos to iCloud or Google Photos, or Dropbox and downloading them to your phone.  The Thumbraise app will allow you to upload videos directly from your cloud folders.

Yes, while it does support landscape-oriented videos, it is best to use portrait-oriented videos for better user experience.

You will need to download the video to your local device by following the instructions below:

1. Open the Google Drive app 

2. Next to the video you want to download, tap the more icon 

3. Tap “Send a copy” 

4. Tap “Save Video”

No, but the portrait mode videos tend to be more visually appealing and may even lead to greater engagement.

Not required, investors have the ability to change orientation on their phone.

The UNMET Conference Team will be managing/approving the access of investors to the private UNMET Network.

The pitches will get submitted to the UNMET Conference Team for approval. Once approved, the pitch will be released immediately to the network for investors to view. The approval process is usually within 12 hours.

Yes, you will have the ability to choose to submit either via a PDF file upload or via a Docsend Link.

Yes, we understand that you may want to prep your response before jumping into the platform and start recording. Each response should be less than 30 seconds, after completing all the questions, the platform will stitch all the answers together to create your unique pitch. Access question list here.

The private UNMET Network is opened to registered investors only. Registered investors will receive an invitation to join the UNMET network based on event timeline.

Investors must register on the UNMET Website first, in order to receive an invitation to join the private UNMET Network. Only those that have received the invitation has access to view companies’ pitch.

Investors can reach out to the founders within the UNMET Network directly on the Thumbraise platform by clicking “Connect” on the bottom right of the screen when viewing company’s pitch. If founders have provided their meeting scheduling link, it will provide an option for investor to either connect via email or book a meeting.

Mobile: Tab on the right side of the screen to fast forward the pitch.

Yes. You can filter, sort, and search all the pitches in the UNMET network. After entering the UNMET Private Network, click the “Search” icon on the top right corner of the screen to search. Click the “Sort and Filter” icon on the bottom of the screen to sort and filter based on different pitch criteria.

Quick tips for using the App:

  • To Skip to the next section: Tap right side of the screen.
  • To Go Back to the previous section: Tap left side of the screen.
  • Use Filter and Sort option to refine your feed.
  • Skip to the Next Company: Swipe left
  • Go back to the Previous Company: Swipe right
  • Hide menu bar to get a full view of the pitch: Long press and hold the screen.
  • To Pause a pitch: Tap once on the screen

Investors can view companies pitches both on-mobile and on-web. Details coming soon.