Domo: Cloud-Based Operating System

The Domo Business Cloud®, allows you to dynamically integrate data from thousands of sources, turn data into live visualizations, and extend BI directly into workflows and applications that empower your organization.

Domo modernizes how business run by leveraging their data at cloud scale in record time to accelerate their digital transformation by:

  • Securely connecting and normalizing data from over 1,000 sources
  • Creating cross-departmental reporting and dashboards
  • Putting the right data in the hands of individuals who need it to make smarter decisions
  • Providing real-time unified reporting to solve problems faster

For more information about how Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) helps its customers go fast, go big and go bold, visit:

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By automating so many processes through data science, CFOs and their teams are able to think on a higher order. Learn how Domo leverages data science techniques to help #finance divisions automate laborious processes: #datascience #CFO

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