Deel: International Payroll & Compliance Software

Deel is a payroll platform used to re-imagine payouts for businesses working with remote contractors from all around the world. The platform is used by remote teams that connect localized compliance and automates payments in one system of record, as well as provides contracts and templates to be used for tax forms and localized contracts, automated payment, invoicing and receipts, and customer support. It aims to offer every company that hires remote talents a one-stop-shop that makes onboarding, global compliance, and payments easier.

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Meet Luka, an HR Manager at @RevolutApp in Germany. With Deel, Revolut can hire local talent in any country long before setting up an entity. Tune in to see how the team has hired 150+ workers and relocated 10+ people.

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The secret to leading a distributed team? A strong cultural compass, according to Tai Rattigan, Global Head of Partnerships.

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