Carta: Cap Table Management

Carta is an ownership management and compliance platform designed to consolidate company ownership data onto one common electronic registry. The company’s platform features portfolio insights, cap table management, board management, fund administrators, LP management and other services, enabling users to manage their cap tables, valuations, portfolio investments and equity plans.

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How to Redeem?

Email Carta by clicking the link on the left. Mention UNMET Conferences in the email to redeem the discounted rate from Carta.

First-Time Subscriber

  • A 20% off first-year discount on your Carta subscription
  • Waive implementation fee

Companies with < $500K raised & < 25 Stakeholders

  • Basic cap table management for companies​ that have less than $500K raised and less than 25 stakeholders on the Cap Table.
  • Access to issue electronic securities, option grants, exercise on Carta, and utilize our board consents tool.

Listening to @henrysward talk about building @cartainc to $300M+ top line at #mvs conference.

They seem to defy VC dogma around both competitive dynamics and the “why now” question. It was just a great product that displaced spreadsheets and word docs, like many others.

Introducing Carta API integrations to improve the law firm and founder experience—with our first partner @CooleyLLP.

What are the top 15 US counties for venture capital investment? Find out in tomorrow’s Data Minute, our venture insights newsletter.

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If you raised capital in private markets, you likely used Reg D. Yesterday, SEC Cmsr Crenshaw previewed changes to Reg D that would require greater disclosure. If you are in venture—company, fund, investor—this matters.

What did she say, and why does it matter?

Every Friday, our policy team provides insights on key issues impacting the VC ecosystem.

In the latest Policy Weekly, we highlighted SEC Commissioner @HesterPeirce's speech at the @DAatDuke Conference where she offered lessons for the crypto industry. 🧵👇

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