Brex: Corporate Credit Card for Startups

Brex is a corporate credit card designed to simplify the process for startups applying for credit cards. The Brex corporate credit cards come without a personal guarantee, higher credit limits, and the best rewards program available. Brex also provides a free, easy-to-use cash management account to replace your bank account.

Stout Street Capital and UNMET Conferences is excited to work with the dedicated team with Brex in making corporate business cards accessible for early stage companies.

Learn more about Brex: or email [email protected] fro more information.

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How to Redeem?

The button on the right will direct you to a customized partnership page by Brex and Stout Street Capital. Make a free account in less than 5 minutes through this website to redeem this deal.

Open New Account

  • 25,000 points in statement credit after $1,000 spent
  • $5,000 in AWS credits
  • Priority on-boarding

* Get an extra 20,000 points by signing up before October 1st, 2020.

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