Brex: Corporate Credit Card for Startups

Brex is a corporate credit card designed to simplify the process for startups applying for credit cards. The company’s credit card eliminates the need to supply social security numbers or credit scores and is supported by an integrated software suite that reduces employee time spent on expense management, accounting and budgeting, enabling entrepreneurs to protect their personal credit without restricting their capital.

Stout Street Capital and UNMET Conferences is excited to work with the dedicated team with Brex in making corporate business cards accessible for early stage companies.

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How to Redeem?

The button on the right will direct you to a customized partnership page by Brex and Stout Street Capital. Open an account through this website to redeem this deal.

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  • Waived card fee for life
  • 10,000 points in statement credit after $1,000 spent
  • Signup for cash management account and corporate card with no personal guarantee

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Learn about how @brexHQ engineering built our #accounting API, which enables our customers to seamlessly access financial data through apps they love while bringing more #partners into the Brex ecosystem!

Written by @thejuliawu

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The third series of @LaunchBio's The Big Pitch is coming (and we’re very excited). We wish the best of luck to all of the biotech #startup competitors, especially our customer @IMMventionThera!

August 6th, 1pm ET / 10am PT.

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State of startups: Fundraising during a financial crisis

Once again thank you @brexHQ for hosting this great panel and inviting me/@bootstraplabs !

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