BLASTmedia: PR Agency Dedicated to B2B SaaS

BLASTmedia is the only PR agency in the US dedicated to B2B SaaS. Established in 2005, the agency represents companies in all growth stages — from startup to publicly traded. BLASTmedia understands the unique challenges associated with scaling a SaaS business and uses media coverage and thought leadership campaigns to impact four primary pillars: investors, employees, partners and customers.

With the SaaS customer journey at the center of our campaigns, BLASTmedia secures meaningful press coverage to influence decision-making.

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How to Redeem?

Contact BLASTmedia using the link on the left to learn how the B2B SaaS PR agency can help support your funding announcement and generate awareness for your startup. Make sure to mention UNMET Conference in the email.

30-Day PR Funding Project:

  • Host a planning kick-off call with client to review goals and details of the funding announcement, two weeks prior to announcement date
  • Develop a PR outreach timeline and spokesperson availability
  • Based on talking points gleaned on the call, BLASTmedia will:
    • Write a press release, finalizing quotes and messaging with client and investors
  • Compile a target media list for the announcement. This will include national (business and tech), VC, mainstream tech, local market and industry trade media across print, broadcast and online press
  • Set up the press release for Business Wire distribution
  • Conduct media outreach leading up to and on announcement day, sending updates throughout the day of interest generated or media coverage that has run
  • An interview briefing sheet will be provided for any media interviews secured by BLASTmedia
  • Follow up with members of the press after announcement day to secure coverage in the days after the announcement
  • Send a full wrap-up report at the end of the project

Offer Eligibility:

  • Offer eligible starting January 1, 2021

Wow.. four more are joining the BLAST team! 😱

We want to warmly welcome Charnay Pickett, Sarah Lounsbury, Kendall Macri, and Mary Meyer!!! 🎉🎊

It’s official… 7 years in a row! 🥳🎊

We are so thankful to everyone at BLASTmedia who has made our culture incredible.

And thank you to @IndianaChamber for the recognition! 🙌


Boom! 🙌💥

Incredible news from our #client @Evisort. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

“Brand tracking is a critical business tool that directly impacts sales, marketing and strategy decisions.”

So why aren’t you doing a checkup on your brand yet? 🤷‍♂️

Our #client @fuelcycleinc just made it even easier to do! Check it out. 👇

For anyone in Indy, you probably aren’t surprised by the news that we are a growing tech community.

We are happy to be part of it. 🙌

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