Bigfoot: Venture Debt

Bigfoot Capital is a lending partner to B2B software and tech-enabled services companies. The Bigfoot Capital team believes that a reasonable amount of debt can be a great tool for efficiently growing SaaS companies to preserve equity without compromising growth and is dedicated to delivering an efficient and transparent capital formation experience to SaaS Founders and their stakeholders.

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In our recent webinar we cover:

1. Equity and debt capital
2. Venture debt
3. The emergence of alternative SaaS debt options
4. Getting inside the mind of a SaaS lender
5. The role data plays when raising capital #SaaS #growth #startup #finance

In our recent webinar, conducted in partnership with @SaaSOptics, we shared some insights for SaaS Founders/Execs considering bringing on institutional financing. #startups #debt #equity #SaaS

"The bottom line for SaaS founders is that easy access to up-to-date financials are crucial for both making business decisions and raising capital." #SaaS #startups #metrics

Runway is calculated by dividing your starting cash balance by the amount that you need to run your business every month, minus revenue. Here's how you maximize it: #SaaS #Startups #finance #investments

"#SaaS was a $227.8 billion industry in 2019 and is expected to grow as much as 17% in 2020 to total $266.4 billion." - @Gartner_inc

Here’s the basic SaaS business model and how you can follow it. #startups #businesstips

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