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Bigfoot Capital is a lending partner to B2B software and tech-enabled services companies. The Bigfoot Capital team believes that a reasonable amount of debt can be a great tool for efficiently growing SaaS companies to preserve equity without compromising growth and is dedicated to delivering an efficient and transparent capital formation experience to SaaS Founders and their stakeholders.

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Continuing on our quest to distill #SaaS, we dive into the core SaaS metric/acronym of ARR.

Everyone wants to report ARR even if they don’t really have it. So, what is it exactly?

If there are 100 #SaaS companies and five of them are going to be venture capital-funded, what about the other 95? How do they fund their growth?


What're the different ways of calculating churn? #SaaS

Dissecting revenue churn and customer churn:

Since partnering with @Zonos they continued accelerating their #growth in a highly efficient format. By the end of the partnership, Zonos had 3x’d while taking no dilution.

Here's how they grew through our #funding model:

What exactly does a #SaaS Quick Ratio metric illustrate?

Know whether your #growth outpaces losses:

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