Our Mission

UNMET is geared toward attracting and coalescing venture capital to invest in companies located in the middle of the country as there is a dire need for Series A/B Capital in this region. This event will enable each company to meet one-one with 6-8 investors each. UNMET will be structured to enable networking with not just investors but also with peers in order to foster development and collaboration between companies.

Our Values

UNMET allows early-stage VCs operating in the middle of the country to showcase their portfolio companies that are poised to raise Series A and B financing. The core focus of this event is collaboration and exposure to startups located in the middle of the United States.

Host Fund: Stout Street Capital

Stout Street Capital is a seed-stage fund that invests in underserved markets in the middle of the country and sees an average  of 5,000 deals per year and co-invests with over 200 VCs around the country. Stout Street Capital seeks to invest in early-stage companies focused on improving efficiency and generating bottom-line value in large, established sectors in the market. Stout Street Capital is focused on improving the Series A/B-funding eco-system in the middle of the country. UNMET is one of its primary instruments, which will help companies located in the middle of the country to meet investors and attract capital.

Clay Gordon

Managing Partner

Clay is Managing Partner of Stout Street Capital, which he co-founded in 2016. Upon graduation from the University of Colorado, Clay joined a large Washington DC-based nonprofit where he led regional development efforts in the Southeast, contributing to annual fundraising of $25 million. Clay then served as the Business Development Manager for Denver-based Strata Resources Inc., before founding Stout Street Capital with business partner John Francis to become early investors in Colorado’s burgeoning tech scene. Clay specializes in fundraising and deal flow management for the fund.

John Francis

Founding Partner

John is a Founding Partner of Stout Street Capital. Prior to Stout Street, he managed TechMotion Capital, a private investment shop specializing in the algorithmic trading of energy futures and equities in New Orleans. John started his career as a construction manager, managing keystone projects worth over $1 billion in India. John holds a Bachelor’s of Science in civil engineering and a Master’s degree in construction management from India’s National Institute of Construction Management and Research as well as an MBA in Finance and Energy from Tulane University.